Friday, January 1, 2010

Jeff and Joel

Jeff and Joel came down for a visit in December. Although, the weather did not cooperate we still had a nice time. Every night was trivia night, once they found 1 vs. 100 on Xbox. We took them to many of our favorite local restaurants and made an attempt at shopping. Grayson and Beau seemed to like playing with them and Grayson even went into Jeff's room to sleep on him a couple of mornings. They are both a lot of fun and I really enjoyed having them.

This picture makes me laugh! We were playing
basketball in the kitchen and Jeff missed, hitting
some glasses (nothing broke). I caught his expression
right when it happened. Hahaha

Grayson denying Joel love

Jeff getting down
continuing his dance
band photo

and trivia
Jeff is happy whilst playing trivia
Look at the love...
Joel @ Flying Saucer

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