Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Oliver eats chili

Tonight Oliver tried some chili. I'm thinking that he liked it!

Bath time

All clean!

Hey there, Daddy

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tanas Christmas Party 2014

We took Oliver to the Tanas Christmas party. He was not that thrilled at the amount of people trying to talk to him and hold him. It was nice to show him off to people that had not met him yet.

Ready to go!

My handsome guys!

Matt says Oliver looks like he is wearing a pimp coat

Laura's 32 Birthday

Sunday (12/21) was Laura's 32nd birthday and we met her and her family at Tribeca Tavern. We had a yummy meal and I enjoyed chatting with her mom, brother and sister in law. It is always such a special treat to see her family. Since I have known them for as long as I can remember (4 years old!) they are like family to me.
Oliver and Matt at dinner
The birthday girl and Liam at dinner
Leanne and Cameron

After dinner we all went back to Laura and Mike's for presents and cookie cake. There Oliver got to open his very first Christmas gift ever.  He really enjoyed playing with Logan and Liam and all of their cool toys.

Laura opening her gifts

Checking out his presents

Singing Happy Birthday

Monday, December 22, 2014

Afternoon walk with my little elf

We had some nice weather last week so Oliver and I decided to take a little walk while Matt and Chad went for a run. I thought that he would take a nap, but he was enjoying looking around and talking to me. He really seems to like riding in the Tula and being out and about.

Here we are on Boylan Bridge

He loves reaching up and touching my face

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Oliver goes to Sweetbottoms & Lunches with friends

Tuesday Oliver and I met Laura, Logan and Liam at Berry's Cafe for lunch and then headed next door to Sweetbottoms, a really neat baby store that sells cloth diapers, baby carriers, toys ect... Laura was interested in checking out the store and trying on a toddler Tula. I have a standard size Tula and absolutely love it. Matt says that I should be getting referral rewards for all the talking up I do about it. I think it is such a comfy carrier for both me and Oliver and I love all of the cute patterns that they have out. Ours is called Click, which is perfect since Matt is a photographer.

Here we are wearing our Tula while walking back from voting this past November.  

We came home and Oliver had some nursies and then took a little over an hour nap (yay!) When he woke up we watched some videos of when he was just a tiny baby and then went to the post office to ship some Christmas presents and pick up some stamps (Rudolf the red nose reindeer) for our cards.

Wednesday Oliver and I met my friend Carrie for lunch at Aversboro restaurant in Garner. We had a nice time catching up and Oliver made a friend with a nice older gentleman at the table next to us. He gave Oliver a 1971 silver dollar to put in his piggy bank. He stopped by to chat with me and Carrie before going on his way. After he left the waitress told us to have a nice afternoon and that the gentleman had paid for our lunches! What a unexpected treat!
 Carrie and Oliver

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I'm going to try this again

As I sit here looking through Katie's blog from the past almost 8 years I am regretting that I have let mine go for the past couple of years. It is not like I have had a shortage of things to write about. March 2013 was my last blog post and June 2010 was the one before that. Since June 2010 we have most importantly, had a beautiful, wonderful, amazing baby boy, Oliver. Oliver is by far the biggest joy in our lives. I feel so honored that I get to be his mom. I am going to try and chronicle not just the big things that we do but the truly everyday little things. He is growing so, so fast and I have already forgotten what it was like to hold a little tiny newborn. I wish I could go back in time and write about how I felt being pregnant and what it was like the night before he was born. Him latching for the first time in the first hour after being born and how our beautiful breastfeeding relationship has become one of my most cherished times. Seeing him smile the first time, that first little laugh, sitting up and crawling. So, I am going to try and record as many memories as I can here, in my little blog to try and capture our lives as a new little family.
Oliver this morning at 270 days old. He will be 9 months old on Sunday.