Friday, April 9, 2010


So, last night around 11pm I was making a yummy broccoli salad to take to work for lunch. I guess I really wasn't paying attention; rather than slicing the onion, I sliced my finger. So, after a little persuasion from Matt, I went to the ER. (I was laying on the floor crying with blood literally gushing out of my finger and onto my shirt and everywhere else. I told him it would be fine if I just went to bed. I still say I was right.)

Enjoy these pictures!

You can't tell....b/c of the blood but, the insides of my finger,
like the fat, were sticking out.
Finished. Look how swollen and shiny.


  1. Feel better soon Beth! This was the grossest blog post ever ;)
    Hugs and kisses!

  2. Eww..I think I just threw up a little.